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Professional Agile Leadership Essentials


Professional Agile Leadership Essentials is a 2-day course to equip leaders and managers of Agile teams who want to grow their organization’s ability to respond to market opportunities, competitive pressures, or opportunities for innovation. 

PAL-E Courses
Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced

Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced


The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced is a 2-day course where students are provided with a clear path to moving forward in their Product Owner journey through an exploration of the different stances a Product Owner takes.

PSPO-A Courses
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Professional Scrum Product Owner


The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) is a 2-day, cutting-edge course for Product Owners, Agile product managers and anyone responsible for a software product’s success in the market.



PSPO Courses
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Professional Scrum Developer 


The PSD course teaches students how to work in a team, using modern software engineering practices and your specific technology platform to develop an increment of potentially releasable functionality.

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Professional Scrum Foundations


The Professional Scrum Foundations is an exceptional training course that provides the foundation of Scrum knowledge needed for role-focused training for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Developers

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