Transform Your Organisation

As an agile consultancy we help individuals and organisations develop new skills with training where required. Our coaching and training will help to implement an agile transformation which focus on value delivery.

Using our experience in building teams by providing Scrum training, Kanban and SAFe. Our consultants have developed train the trainer programs for large enterprises in government, financial services, and utilities while coaching teams on delivering solutions that fulfil customer needs.

Organisations we have worked with or trained people to undertake Scrum certification

Components of an agile transformation


For Leaders

When engaged as agile consultants we work with your organisational leadership and delivery management during an agile transformation with coaching to help them create an environment where agile teams can thrive. Promote an environment of business agility that supports self-empowerment and being supportive of people to take responsibility for their personal and career development.

For the Product Managers

We provide coaching to product owners during a period of agile consultancy to help them provide the vision of a product. Ensuring development teams understand the vision and how it meets customer needs. Understand stakeholder management and the preferred stances a product owner can adopt. Build the business agility by helping product owners grow from being a scribe of requirements to an entrepreneurial product owner representing all aspects of product ownership.

For Scrum Masters

As Professional Scrum Trainers, we can help develop the staff to take on the role of scrum master and prepare them to undertake the certification. As your community of scrum masters grow, we have experience in creating and growing communities of practice. Create and develop a coaching culture that everyone can leverage to grow their skills and abilities.

For Teams

We help development teams to focus on delivering done increments of products. Understand how sprint goals accumulate to deliver a full product. Use methods for estimation that include all the work to deliver the item as done and ready to release. As part of an agile transformation we help your staff silos reshape themselves into communities of practice that support business agility


Certifications, Licenses & Registrations

Professional Scrum Trainer Badge

Our Courses are provided by Licensed Professional Scrum Trainers

Registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

UPRN Number : 10083923

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