Essential Topics for the Scrum Product Owner

In the fast-paced world of software development, agility and efficiency are paramount. This is where Scrum, an agile framework, comes into play. Within Scrum teams, the role of a Product Owner is pivotal. The Product Owner is the bridge between the stakeholders and the development team, responsible for maximizing the value of the product. To […]

Excelling in Your Product Management: Advanced Product Owner Strategies

The Visionary Stance As an advanced product owner, having a clear and inspiring vision for your product is paramount. To excel in this stance: The Collaborator Stance Effective collaboration fuels successful product development. To thrive as a collaborative product owner: The Customer Representative Stance Being the voice of the customer is essential in Agile. To […]

Scrum Master Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Scrum is a popular Agile project management framework that has been adopted by organizations worldwide. A scrum master is a critical member of a scrum team, responsible for facilitating the process and ensuring the team follows scrum practices. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about being a scrum master, including […]

Follow Ewan Lintern, Apprentice Software Developer Blog – Month 2.

Second Month as an Apprentice Software Developer During my second month on board as an apprentice software developer , I familiarised myself with WordPress backend and specifically the WooCommerce plugins. I’ve worked hard on solving problems and requests within the WordPress backend, which has helped me develop some good familiarity with the software. I am […]

Follow Ewan Lintern, Apprentice Software Developer Blog – Month 1.

Beginning the journey as an Apprentice Developer Before starting as an apprentice developer, I was studying my A levels (In which they didn’t include any computer science related subjects). I often found myself wanting to learn about programming and coding languages at home in my free time and started developing a desire to pursue programming […]

What Really Causes Technical Debt?

Advances in Technology, Maintenance & Updates are not Technical Debt. Although I am going to use the term technical debt in this discussion. I am actively forming the opinion that this is the wrong term to be used both in how various assessments assess understanding and by practitioners in the agile community. The Scrum Guide […]

The Scrum Process Explained

The Basics Within the scrum process, there are eleven basic elements that make up the framework. 3 roles, 3 artifacts, and 5 events. Practitioners need to learn to apply and understand the principles behind these in order to obtain the full benefits of the scrum process. As well as its implementation. The scrum process is […]