Scrum Evolution & AdaptDev Ltd

Scrum Evolution is the training arm of AdaptDev Ltd. We provide training courses and on-site Agile coaching.

AdaptDev Ltd was founded as an Agile Consultancy in 2016 by Agile Coach Alasdair Macleod whilst working in large Enterprise and Scaled products.

Our trainers at AdaptDev work as agile consultants in large scale enterprise transformations and implementation of Scrum for Product delivery. We coach Scrum Teams to deliver software products & services using the Scrum & Nexus frameworks for delivery. Utilizing quality engineering practices and continuous delivery practices as well as platforms to ensure secure robust products that scale as required.

As an Agile Consultancy we at AdaptDev are dedicated to the mission of “Improving the Profession of Software Development” and by providing Public Training Courses our aim is to help others develop the knowledge and skills that will help them further their careers in product development scrum teams.


Scrum – By Ken Schwaber

Based on the principles of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto, provides comprehensive training, assessments, and certifications to improve the profession of software delivery. Throughout the world, our solutions and community of Professional Scrum Trainers empower people and organizations to achieve agility through Scrum. Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, founded in 2009 as a global organization, dedicating himself to improving the profession of software delivery by reducing the gaps so the work and work products are dependable.

Our mission remains the same today as it was when we started – to help our profession rise to the demands of an increasingly complex world that relies on increasingly complex technologies and products. Advances in materials and techniques can only succeed if we shift to a collaborative, creative approach to build the enabling software.

As we use Scrum, we continue to find new opportunities for professional improvement. As the inspect-and-adaptation mechanism of Scrum uncovers issues, we intend to develop and apply new programs at We then intend to inspect their effectiveness, adapt to circumstance, and improve whenever necessary. These programs will refine bodies of knowledge, create training and coaching capabilities, and offer assessment and certification of knowledge and skills. To that end, we are aligning communities of people around common goals to encourage ownership, participation, and advancement.

Ken Schwaber