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At Scrum Evolution we can provide an Agile Consultant that will assist on organisational development to find more effective methods of working in a digital world. Our Agile Consultant Alasdair Macleod will join you on-site in your organisation and work with Teams, Management or Executives.

Why should you hire an Agile consultant?

Even the best agile training courses cannot cover every detail or eventuality a team or any member of an organisation may encounter.

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An Agile Consultant is there to continue the learning journey after formal training has ceased.

Having an Agile Consultant on-site can help employees put their knowledge into action. All too often, people will attend an Agile focused course, take on board the knowledge and practices provided and then fail to incorporate their new powers into daily work. This will then allow your organization to thrive in this digital age with your employees enhanced knowledge & practices in Agile and Lean methodology.


Agile Training we provide on-site

  • Direct Training/Mentoring/Coaching
  • Work with Teams at Delivery Level
  • Work with Management coaching Program Project Management
  • Work with Executives covering Strategy and Organizational Goals

We can provide the 2-day Professional Agile Leaders Essentials training course.

We will help teams apply agile and lean thinking to the specific environments and impediments they face. Working as an adviser, our consultant will help any member of the organization adapt the methodology to their situation, and help them challenge the existing environment.

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Our Agile Consultant – Alasdair Macleod

Alasdair is a Certified Scrum Master (PSM I, II, III) as well as a certified Scrum Developer who is a member of both the British Computer Society and Agile Alliance.


He has provided coaching for Business transformation at all levels from teams to C-Suite Executives. His coaching experience has been utilized in the Financial Sector where Alasdair provided Global Agile Coaching for a portfolio of programmes delivering enablers that support the lines of business delivery to customers.

Alasdair has provided coaching within the Health & Public Sector to teams on User Centered Enterprise Solutions for central Government Departments, conducted coaching & provided training on XP Practices of Pairing, TDD, BDD and ATDD to all levels in organization. As well as coaching Alasdair also created his own bespoke training based on User Experience and User Centric Design Principles for Client Staff transforming to Product Owner roles.

While working at the Department for Work and Pensions Alasdair held the role of Agile Coach & Lead of the Digital Development Club for Fast Streamers. He has developed Front-End UI, collaborated with Department leads to deliver for the Department for International Development and organized Digital Training Events & Agile Introduction Days for Management and Senior Leaders.

Alasdair comes with a vast experience working with large organizations. He has provided coaching to several clients over a 4 year period while employed by Accenture UK&I and has earned the respect of his peers accompanied with a multitude of endorsements.


Please email us at [email protected] to book and learn more about our on-site Consultancy services and learn why working with Alasdair will greatly benefit your organization.

See our about Alasdair page & visit to learn more about our Consultant Alasdair Macleod and see what former colleagues have had to say about working with him.

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Alasdair is a passionate technologist with a full appreciation of the value chain. Whilst working with him as a Product Manager his collaborative approach helped keep the team and stakeholders focused upon value.

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