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Monitoring the flow of work using test outcomes

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Provided By – Alasdair Macleod

The talk does not endeavour to teach any of the testing practices but instead how to use the tests to agree when an item would be considered done. The output from these visualises the progress of work meeting a requirement of scrum.

This talk evolved from the work I did with some very capable technical teams to move from visualising progress through burn-downs and task boards.  Visualising progress instead by presenting dashboards which displayed the results of acceptance and system tests.

It grew from the teams I was working without into the community of practices for all the roles in Scrum Teams.  Not only were other Scrum Masters discussing this but it opened the door for a widening of TDD within the development community.  Additional benefits included the Product Owners felt more empowered to get involved in the discussions. Defining both fit for purpose and quality as it moved from a highly technical conversation to one that used business language as much as possible.   They also changed the way they were discussing progress from one of effort and expenditure to deliver outputs.  To outcomes achieved as the basis of return on investment delivered to the organisation.

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Monitoring the flow of work using test outcomes – (BST)
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