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Beginning the journey as an Apprentice Developer

Before starting as an apprentice developer, I was studying my A levels (In which they didn’t include any computer science related subjects). I often found myself wanting to learn about programming and coding languages at home in my free time and started developing a desire to pursue programming within a career. The prospect of university living didn’t appeal much to me, and luckily, there was an alternate path that allowed me to follow my desired career path to also achieve qualifications, as well as gaining practical experience.

Software Development is more than just code

First Month

During my first month on board as an apprentice developer, I have developed knowledge and new skills, whilst also building on previous ones. I’m improving my problem-solving skills on a day-to-day basis, in both my learning and my practice. As well as having a great insight into the world of software development and the potential it entails for my future. I am enjoying the course thoroughly and have had such a warm welcome into the company by Tye and Alasdair, for which I am very thankful for.


I have managed to develop a website, from very little prior knowledge, which includes separate structure and styling code. I have also developed an application to take in values from a MySQL database and print them to screen from JSON, then further styled the text. Overall, I used PHP, HTML and CSS proficiently. I have also developed a lot of knowledge of theory and practices of development as a part of my major learning curve.

Next Steps

Short term

I would like to have developed skills to be able to work on building websites at a comfortable pace. I also want to build my library on different coding languages, as well as the more advanced functionalities of the primary languages.

Long term

I would hopefully like to see myself taking up a degree in relation to my apprenticeship scheme and being able to contribute and apply my skills significantly to the company.