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Second Month as an Apprentice Software Developer

During my second month on board as an apprentice software developer , I familiarised myself with WordPress backend and specifically the WooCommerce plugins. I’ve worked hard on solving problems and requests within the WordPress backend, which has helped me develop some good familiarity with the software. I am also enjoying the balance between the working hours and my studying hours at home, from all that my apprenticeship has to offer.

software development
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I have managed to add small features to the in-house websites using code snippets and plugins, supplying them with more functionality. I have also started to research and work on plugins; I’m currently getting familiar with how plugins are structured and the basics of creating a plugin myself.

Looking Back

I have managed to achieve some of my short-term goals from last month, as I have been working at a comfortable pace whilst working on tasks on the backend of a website. As an apprentice software developer I’ve also been learning some java, python, and C# through my apprenticeship, as well as trying to understand Object-Oriented Programming.

Goals for next month

I would like to be able to understand the backend of plugins and be able to alter some in-house plugins, as well as become more equipped when it comes to creating my own plugin so it’s in the works.